RADG Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection FAQ's

Q: What is Chapter 11?

A: Chapter 11 refers to a chapter of the Bankruptcy Code. Chapter 11 provides an opportunity for companies to reorganize debts while continuing day-to-day operations.


Q: What is the current state of the Robert Allen Duralee Group?

A: The Robert Allen Duralee Group is open for business. The Chapter 11 filing is a voluntary step that we have taken to enable us to reorganize while we explore sale opportunities in order to have a more stable future.  Our internal operations and customer shipments are expected to continue in the ordinary course and you should see better level of service as a result of these actions.


Q: Why did the Robert Allen Duralee Group file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection?

A: Our inability to timely eliminate certain redundant expenses following our merger and realize other anticipated synergies, along with systemic changes in our industry, have created an exceptionally challenging time for our company.  In response, we decided to take proactive steps to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and streamline our operations.  We are confident that this court-supervised bankruptcy process is the best way to solidify and enhance our financial position.


Q:  How long will this process take?

A: We intend to move through this process as quickly as possible. We believe we are well positioned for a quick Chapter 11 process. Filing for Chapter 11 provides us with an opportunity to reorganize and pursue the sale of our Company so that we have a more stable future. There are multiple parties who have expressed an interest in a purchasing our company. We have hired a well-regarded investment banking firm to assist in this process and they are aggressively pursuing multiple prospects.


Q:  Can I learn more about the bankruptcy?

A:  Yes. You can go onto the website https://omnimgt.com/main/cases and look up all of the case filings in our bankruptcy proceedings.


Q: Can I place an order?

A: Yes and we encourage you to do so! The Robert Allen Duralee Group is open for business.  We are not asking for deposits for any of your orders, at this time.  This includes furniture orders.  If you need memo samples or are looking to place an order contact customer service or your sales or showroom representative or stop into our showroom and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.


Q:  Does this include Furniture Orders?

Yes!  All of our Morganton made upholstery furniture pieces are available for you to order. Our factory is open and working on a 4 week lead for BYO pieces (click on this link for information about our current promotion) and 4-6 weeks for customer furniture.  New orders placed are moving through our manufacturing process, with no interruptions, as long as the fabric is in stock and available.


Q: What if I have questions about an existing order?

A: We encourage you to contact customer service or your sales or showroom representative who should be able to provide you with information about your specific order(s).


Q:  I am a showroom customer and have seen a lot of activity in your showrooms and signs posted as well. What is going on?

A:  We have always wanted to have one showroom in each of our location. We have consolidated our showrooms into one RADG in all of the locations where we previously had two separate showrooms.  We are pleased to have accomplished our goal - to provide you with an easy and extensive shopping experience for all of our products in one RADG location. 


Q: As a customer, what else do I need to know?

A: We value you as a customer and your business is very important to us. We know that we have fallen short of your expectations and we are truly sorry. We are working diligently to provide our product and services in a manner that you deserve. We are committed to serving our customers and to doing everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations. We fully understand the importance of our role in your business and intend to remain a reliable source for your design needs.  Your business has been an important part of our success and it remains essential to our future.

Important Duralee Customer Information

Placing orders and checking order history and status on Duralee.com.

You can check your order history on all Duralee orders placed on duralee.com (except Duralee Furniture and Clarke & Clarke) on the duralee.com website. *This includes fabric and hardware orders, memos, CFA's, backorders and reserves.

If you place a Duralee order (standard, CFA or reserve) on duralee.com*: 

  • You will receive an email confirmation from info@duralee.com, which includes the order information and a temporary 8-digit order number.
  • Shortly thereafter, you will then receive an email confirmation from orderreply@robertallendesign.com, containing your order information and new permanent order number, which is now a 7-digit number.  If you want to track your order on duralee.com  by order number, make sure that you use the 7-digit order number.

If you place an order of either Duralee product, Robert Allen product or both products (standard, CFA and reserve) with our Customer Service Team you will be able to track your entire order (which will have a 7-digit order number) on duralee.com or on on robertallendesign.com or by calling Customer Service. 

*For our Canadian customers, duralee.com cannot be used to track orders.  All orders and account inquiries can be addressed by contacting Canada Customer Service.  (See "Canadian Customers" section below for details).

You can also place orders, and check order history and status by emailing or calling us at the numbers listed below:

Residential Customers

  • Call your local Robert Allen Duralee Group
  • Call our  Customer Service Department at 800-275-3872 or  800-333-3777
  • Email your inquiry or order to orders@robertallendesign.com
  • Email order status requests to orderstatus@tradgroup.com

Contract Customers

  • Robert Allen Contract customers can contact Robert Allen Contract in one of the following ways:
    • Call Robert Allen Contract Customer Service at 800-333-3778
    • Email your inquiry or order to Robert Allen Contract at  contractorders@robertallendesign.com
    • Contact Robert Allen Contract at  800-455-9575
  • Duralee Contract customers can contact Duralee Contract in one of the following ways:
    • Call Duralee Contract Customer Service at 866-373-8932
    • Email your inquiry or order to Duralee Contract at contract@duralee.com
    • Send us a fax at 800-306-1660

Hardware Customers

Canadian Customers

 Customers outside of the US and Canada 

  • Call Export customer Service at +1-631-273-8800 ext. 4247
  • Email your inquiry or order at export@tradgroup.com
  • Send us a fax at  +1-631-273-8873

Clarke & Clarke and James Hare

Clarke and Clarke and James Hare product information is available on duralee.com. You can check inventory and place memo orders on the duralee.com website or by calling customer service.

Credit Card Information

We are in the process of moving our inventory to our new computer system. In an effort to protect your privacy during this process, we will not be able to directly transfer your credit card information. As a result, you will be asked to provide this information again the next time you place an order with our Customer Service department. In addition, if you have made a purchase or payment through the duralee.com website you will be asked to provide your credit card information a second time for the same order when speaking with our Customer Service Department.  We will only be charging your credit card one time for your order. We apologize for any inconvenience, but assure you that your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.