1. Seat cushion and Back Pillow construction: Recliner seats are constructed of individually wrapped coil springs encased in high density urethane foam core covered in a down proof ticking. Backs are 100 % premium polyester fiber encased in a down proof ticking on fabric styles, and in a non-woven ticking for leather styles. The backs have sewn in channels to minimize fiber shift and are designed for maximum comfort and relaxation.
  2. Wood Finish: All recliners are available in standard finish only.

The following options are available:

  • Contrast welt or decorative cord in lieu of welt;
  • Adding or omitting welts on seat cushion or back pillow;
  • Contrast leather welt on fabric styles;
  • Removing nails where standard;
  • Spacing nails differently than standard placement (Note: spacing cannot be changed on the front of recliner arm panels).

Please check your price list, or contact customer service for pricing.


There is a one year warranty on all motor parts in our motorized recliners.  Also, Lithium battery packs and chargers are available as a special order if there is no conveniently located outlet ($250 retail). The battery pack remains charged for approximately 90 days before needing to be recharged.  

Our motorized motion chairs are designed for ease.  The following chairs have a one touch operation:

BENTON     38-1060M & 38-1060LM
BOWES     38-1090M & 38-1110M
DUVAL       38-1010M & 38-1010LM
HAYES      38-1040M & 38-1040LM
KENLEY     38-1080M & 38-1080LM
MIRAMAR    38-1030M & 38-1030LM
PARKER     38-1070M & 38-1070LM
THORTON     38-1020M & 38-1020LM
WILLISTON     38-1050M & 38-1050LM 

The BOWES 38-1100 lift assist is wand operated.



Gourmet – is produced on English bull hides and tanned in Italy by a fifth-generation tanner. Gourmet has a unique, soft oil tannage and a paraffin top to provide a clear transparent surface. This leather also has a vibrant pull-up effect and is unique in that it maintains its luster when pulled in tight areas of the frame. The soft tannage allows Gourmet to be easily tailored with such applications as pleating and tufting and thus can be used on a broad range of frames. This leather will continue to burnish and polish over time, and wear will continue to enhance its appearance.

Jericho – is a leather with timeless appeal. These hides are dyed for color then a wax is added to give the leather an aged used appearance. Then these hides are hand buffed to enhance the worn-aged appearance. Jericho hides have a soft supple hand that will get better with use. Nature markings are apparent throughout every hide and should be appreciated. (Healed scars, neck and belly wrinkles.) Prolonged exposure to sunlight will fade Jericho.

Panhandle – is a leather that offers a soft supple feel with a double grain tipping, with a clear clean color pallet. To make Panhandle, we use large hides. The tannage for Panhandle is an apparel tannage that sets the stage for this soft supple leather.  After tanning, this full top grain leather is finished using an apparel finishing method. This method is what sets Panhandle apart from the rest of the leathers.

Spectrum – Full grain, full aniline dyed, protected leather with an exceptionally soft hand. Spectrum is enhanced with just a slight touch of transparent luster. Due to its exceptionally soft body and robust level of protection Spectrum can be used for a variety of upholstery applications. Please dust regularly and wipe up food or liquid spills immediately. Use a water dampened cloth for more stubborn spills.